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CleanRest Pro Mattress Encasement

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CleanRest® PRO Zippered Lab Tested Mattress Encasement

Lab tested allergen, bed bug, and spill protection.

The PRO Zippered mattress encasements offers total protection on all 6 sides of your mattress to confidently block bed bugs, fluids, dust mites, allergens, mold spore, and bacteria from infesting your mattress. All of this protection comes without sacrificing a cool, soft, and noiseless sleep surface.

The PRO Zippered mattress encasement features two patented features unique to CleanRest products:

  1. The Zip-N-Click bed bug blocking zipper enclosure – known to hotels as the most dependable way to defend the zipper clasp area from infesting bed bugs
  2. MicronOne allergen barrier fabric is known to allergen sufferers as the most trusted way to protect yourself from night-time allergens like dust mites, mold spore, and pet dander.

Zip-N-Click - Patented Bed Bug Blocking Zipper Enclosure

Trusted by hotels, beloved by parents

Our Zip-N-Click bed bug blocking zipper enclosure fortifies the area of CleanRest PRO zippered mattress encasement most vulnerable to bed bug infestation, the zipper clasp. Bed bugs cannot pass through the small crevices of the clasp, nor the small opening between the zipper clasp and the zipper track.

CleanRest PRO encasements have become the industry standard for hotels and other hospitality properties as they take preemptive measures to ensure no bed bug infestation.

Blocks Dust Mites

Dust mites and their waste are a major contributor to bedtime allergic reactions. Ever wake up to itchy eyes and a clogged nose? Dust mites are the likely culprit.


Blocks Mold Spore

Mold and mold spore like to live in warm, moist environments, making an unprotected mattress with a recent spill a perfect home. CleanRest encasement will protect your mattress from moisture while blocking mold spore from traveling to your bed.


Blocks Pet Dander

As we fall more and more in love with our pets, they sometimes find themselves up on the bed. Unfortunately, they also bring lots of pet dander with them making it important to protect your mattress from this allergen.



People of all ages need reliable, dependable protection from accidental spills and other liquids. CleanRest PRO encasements will protect the sleep surface of your mattress from liquids for 10 long years.


Stretch sidewalls create a perfect fit

Stretchy sidewalls expand and contract to fit a wide range of mattress depths. For this reason, PRO mattress encasement will fit your mattress, wrinkle free, without any slack, for a smooth, undetectable sleep experience.


Machine washable for easy clean-up.


Machine-wash your encasement with warm water

Do not use bleach, or detergents that contain bleach


Tumble dry on a normal setting

Do not iron and do not dry clean

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