Warranty – Charleston Mattress


Body Impressions

Today's consumers require mattresses that are comfortable to sleep on with less movement and less bounce. This means all manufacturers have to build mattresses with high coil counts and many more layers of luxury foam, latex, cooling gel, and other fiber comfort layers that are designed to contour to all body types. This can lead to minor body impressions depending on the environment and sleep habits of the consumer. Body impressions that are 1.5 inches or more are unlikely in Charleston Mattresses, but indicate a defect in manufacturing. We will repair or replace a mattress at no cost that has a body impression 1.5 inches deep or deeper within the first 10 years.

We are the only mattress store in South Carolina that breaks down the old mattresses we haul away through our BedShred.com initiative. Since 2015, over 100,000 mattresses were processed at the facility in Pamplico, SC. So, we know our competition inside and out; every brand name, every manufacturer, and every online mattress. In 100+ years, our confidence has never been higher that we are offering the best product at affordable prices for everyone. We know that our mattresses will hold up better than the competition.

Comfort Issues

Comfort is an individual preference. It is subjective. We have 17+ models to choose from, and our goal is to match customers with the best mattress that meets their comfort request and budget. If you're not sleeping comfortably on your new mattress within the first 14 nights, we will accept a return on the mattress. You are responsible for a $175 pick-up/return fee. Upon receipt of the returned mattress and pick-up/return fee, a refund of the original purchase price will be credited to you provided the returned mattress is in like-new condition, free of stains, tears and not soiled. Returned mattresses are never resold as new mattresses.

If it is past the 14-day trial period and you are looking to purchase something new, we can work with you on finding a better fit at our store. If you choose a product from a different store, please spend time on the competitor’s product and consider its relative longevity. Also, keep your Charleston Mattress in case you are also unhappy with the new mattress from a different store. Our team has over 300 years of experience, and we're confident that no other company can meet our level of quality and customer service.



This WARRANTY covers sleep sets (Mattress & Foundation) when purchased together as a set for the original purchaser. The warranty also covers the mattress when purchased with one of our adjustable beds, or when used on a platform bed or in a waterbed cavity.


• Failure in the mattress or foundation due to defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or material.


• Fabric cover of the mattress or foundation.
• Failure due to abuse.
• The placement of queen-size sleep sets on a bed or bed frame without proper center leg support.
• King size sleep sets on a bed or frame without head to foot center bar and center legs.
• Mattress purchased without matching foundation.
• Normal settling of the MiraFiber in the quilting is expected and normal, and is not a product defect.
• Any mattress found to be in an unsanitary condition.
• Use of cleaning chemicals or solvents may damage cover and build up materials and is not covered under warranty.
• Body Impressions of less than 1½” in depth.


• At our option, we will replace or repair any defective mattress or foundation free of charge. (If exact model is no longer available, we will substitute materials of comparable quality.)


• Contact the store where you purchased your mattress set to report any failure in your sleep set.
• Any transportation and/or delivery charges incurred if warranty is exercised will be your responsibility.
• No in-warranty inspection or service will be performed until this form is presented with Proof of Purchase.